A Glunz Family Holiday Tradition

A Glunz Family Holiday Tradition

December 4, 2019

by Matthew Glunz

Every year the Glunz family makes a mulled wine for the holiday season called Vin Glögg.  My great grandfather who was German opened up a wine store in 1888 right next to a Swedish neighborhood on the north side of Chicago.  Every winter, he would blend up large batches of Glögg in the basement of his store and sell it to the Swedes around Chicago.  130 years later, we still use his original recipe using half port and half red wine.  To that, we add cinnamon, cardamon, clove, nutmeg and orange peel.  We let in sit in tank for 2 weeks before we bottle it.  The result is a wine that tastes like Christmas! Our Vin Glögg is intended to be served heated to warm you up from the inside out during the cold winter days.

The Glunz Family is proud to be carrying on this holiday tradition here in the beautiful rolling hills of Paso Robles. We look forward to seeing you at the tasting room this holiday season and raise a glass, or a Glögg Mügg, to toast to….everything!

Happy Holidays!

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