The Back Roads Wineries of Paso Robles

Discover the Undiscovered - Experience the Passion. 


Immerse yourself in the ultimate wine country experience - a perfectly blended experience of exceptional wines made from estate-grown grapes, and proud and gracious family hospitality. Don’t be surprised if you find the winemaker pouring behind the tasting room bar! Our winery owners take great pride in their craft and eagerly share their knowledge and stories with visitors, making each tasting experience an authentic and memorable one.

Discover the undiscovered as you journey through the picturesque Huer Huero Creek Valley, where vineyards and age-old oak trees are your guideposts to some of Paso’s most unique wineries. At each stop along the way you’ll taste handcrafted wines, enriched by years, and even generations of passion and dedication. The hands-on artisans behind these wines are intimately involved in every step of the winemaking process from grape cultivation to bottling, creating a sense of connection between the wines and their makers.

At the heart of this eastern portion of the greater Paso Robles AVA, lies the rich alluvial soils, a gift from the Huer Huero Creek that creates the perfect growing conditions for grapevines. These fertile soils, combined with the warm and dry climate, contribute to the uniqueness of each of the 4 Paso Robles sub-AVA's, (Templeton Gap, Geneseo, El Pomar and Creston Districts), our wine trail encompasses, making this area ideal for growing premium grapes, sought after by wineries from the entire region.  The wines produced here are known for their exceptional quality and have earned accolades from enthusiasts and experts alike, from across the globe.